Greetings! Welcome to the website. This is NOT an official SCA website, nor is it intended to take the place of those sites that are. This site is meant to help those that are new to the challenge of being an Event Steward find the information needed to run an event according to the Society and Kingdom laws. Also, check with your local group to find out what additional requirements they have. As much as possible we provide the links to official websites and document references so you can double check the information yourself. When in doubt, please contact the appropriate local or Kingdom officers for additional information or advice.

This site will continue to grow and add advice as it is received. This is meant to be a living resource for all Atenveldt Event Stewards, but we can't do this alone. Please contact us with any advice, questions, or comments you may have. Also, if you find information here that you are unsure of or you think may be incorrect, PLEASE let us know! We will research the information and make updates as needed.

Events and How They Are Scheduled

When Major Events Take Place
Known World Events
Calendar and Scheduling Events

Things to Consider About Each Type of Event

Kingdom Crown Tournaments
Kingdom Coronations
Kingdom A&S Competitions
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Parts of the Event

Equestrian Activities
Minors at Events
Archery at Events
Royalty and Courts at Events
Media Involvement

Planning for the Event

Kingdom Events: General Information
Legal Considerations
Non-Profit Status
Fund Raising
Contacting Site Owners
Publicity and Southwind Articles

Bidding and Paperwork

Bidding For Kingdom Events
Forms and Reports: General Infomation
Forms and Reports: Before the Event
Forms and Reports: During the Event
Forms and Reports: After the Event

Tips and Tricks

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Submitting Additional Information

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